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Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Field Trip was “Amazing”!


Warburg School Bamfield Marine Centre Field Trip

By Amy Drysdale

During Spring Break 4 staff and 16 students from Warburg School traveled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre located on Vancouver Island. After flying from Edmonton to Nanaimo and taking a slow four hour bus ride along logging roads we reached the small town and research facility of Bamfield, British Columbia. Over the next three days we spent time doing a wide variety of hands on scientific activities such as collecting and examining plankton, doing a dredge and looking at all of the different life forms, examining tidal pools, learning about different local species and their adaptations, touching and holding a variety of creatures, and of course, a relaxing afternoon on the beach. Between these events we passed time by playing violent card games and gambling food during Uno. Many things were found, such as our bond as a group, many pieces of sea glass, and Spencer’s sea fork.

This was a great opportunity and we are really thankful for everyone who supported our fundraising which helped us to take this trip of a lifetime!