Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Breathe Smart!

Grades 6 – 12 had the opportunity to view-and touch- examples of healthy and diseased lungs (organs donated by a pig) on April 26th as Warburg School hosted the Breathe Smart presentation from the Alberta Lung Association.

The Lung Association had initially contacted our school to schedule a presentation of a different kind:  a presentation to our W.S. students, Hannah Lange, Mya Macpherson and Hayley Johnson, who are Lung Champions!  This student trio worked very hard this winter on a Genius Hour project which raised awareness and funds for the Lung Association to develop further research on lung disease.

Bake Sale fundraisers to raise funds and awareness for the Alberta Lung Association.

The students were presented with certificates and swag from the Lung Association for being Lung Champions!