Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Bus Student Information for COLD Temperatures!

Buses are great for transportation, but they are also mechanical entities and as such do not operate really well in extreme cold weather.

At Black Gold safety is our top priority.  When the temperatures dip lower than -30 our concern is that a bus may break down with students on board and there may still be students waiting outside for a bus.

If buses are cancelled or running late, you will receive a phone call notification prior to 6:30 am.  The phone number used is the one you have added to your child’s PowerSchool account.  The notification will also be posted on our website banner at

Black Gold no longer advertises on television or radio as our message is specific to that bus route and that student.  Schools always remain open for those that walk or are transported to the school.  At any time, if your child will not be in attendance please let the school know 780-848-2822 or by email at

Rural areas: 

Buses will be cancelled :  temperature plus wind chill -35 or lower.

Buses may be cancelled:  temperature plus wind chill -28 or lower.


Special needs buses in all areas:

Buses will be cancelled :  temperature plus wind chill -35 or lower.

Busing for wheelchair students* cancelled:  -25 or lower

*due to large door difficulties and cooling off a bus too fast with that door open for an extended period of time.


Please keep in mind that when temperatures are this cold, regardless of your child’s age you need to be at the bus stop with your child for safety and your child needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.