Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Daily Health Checks & Response to Symptoms

As cases of COVID are on the rise in the province we need to increase our diligence in following AHS guidelines for health and safety in school.
Please complete the screening tool AHS daily health checklist each morning to assess if your child should or should not attend school.  Also, refer to this handy info Responding to Symptoms for further information.  We will be sending kids home if they are showing any of these symptoms while at school. Please do your best to pick up your child as promptly as possible when you are called to do so.
Please call the school or email to inform us that your child will be away and for what reason (appointment, COVID symptoms, medical, etc.).  Please do not email our secretaries personally as they are all working part-time and this information may not get shared.
Teachers will provide work for home.  It would be prudent to email your child’s teacher to request homework and inform him or her how long your child will be away.  All assignments in grades 7-12 are available via Google Classroom. Most Grade 4-6 work will be available via Google classroom.  Teachers that have to put together paper packages will need some time to put this together so please be patient.
A reminder that masks are required for all students in grades 4-12 on the school busses and in the school when working in close proximity with others, walking around in the class, and in common areas.  Teachers are giving students frequent mask breaks during class time.
This process is a shared responsibility and I thank you all for your support in working together to keep everyone safe and healthy at Warburg School.
As always, do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any concerns about your child’s education at Warburg School.
Wendy Maltais