Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Dr. Eva Olsson Speaks of Tolerance to Warburg Students

You could have heard a pin drop in the Performing Arts Centre on October 9th while Dr. Eva Olsson was speaking to our students.  Our Grade 9-12  students and community members sat in rapt attention listening to Dr. Olsson’s personal account of horror and victimization in the holocaust during World War II. Dr. Olsson spoke wisdom of tolerance and acceptance toward one another.  To love and not to hate. You may dislike someone or something, but you must never hate.  She called the Nazi regime “bullies” and encouraged our students not to be a bully.  To stand up and be a leader to stop bullies from becoming powerful and victimizing others.  Do not be a bystander and allow hate to happen.

Thank you to the Black Gold Regional District and teacher-facilitators, Nicole Harrish and Brilene Wohlgemuth, for bringing Dr. Olsson to our school.  In spite of her tiny physical size, Dr. Olsson’s powerful message of tolerance resonated with all in attendance and we are forever changed by hearing her words.

Thank you to our students for their respect and attention to our guest.  These students have now become the witness and must carry the message forward in their life-  to their family, to their community and into the wider world.  Love not Hate.

Students at Warburg School listen to Dr. Olsson on October 9th.