Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

The Generous Spirit of Giving is Astounding at Warburg School

Once again we have surpassed any expectations from organizers for our Angel Tree program and Food Hamper Challenge. The number of gifts for kids under the tree was heartwarming to see!

Thanks to our dynamite team of volunteers for organizing the Food Hamper Challenge: Mrs. Richels, Mrs. Parkyn, Kelton, Nicholas, Coltan, Cheyenne, Alyssa, Hunter, Cole and Wade.  This group organized the Food Hampers and packed all of the items up for the F.C.S.S. Christmas Elves to then be delivered to families in need this Christmas.  The class with the most donated food items were the grades 5 and 6 classes with 157 items each!  A total of 843 items were donated from our school!  Thank you all for your generosity in this season of giving!