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Warburg School
ALERT Thursday, January 16 @ 1:39 PM

Buses for Friday, Jan 17

Due to the -41 wind chill predicted for Friday, January 17th, we will once again be cancelling all buses.

Grade 11 Student Right On Target!

Matthew with his winnings from the Archery Tournament.  Congratulations on all those bullseye hits, Matt!!

Matthew Giesbrecht had a sharp eye and a trusty bow that sent his arrow sailing to the target bulls-eye time after time during archery competition.  As a competitor at the National Archery Tournament Matthew competed with 800 other archers in his age category. For each bulls-eye made his name was put in a draw to win this prize pack. Of course, the odds were in his favour due to his great shooting!  Congratulations on all those bulls-eye hits, Matt!!