Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Indigo Adopt a School! Please adopt us…

Warburg School students and staff respectfully request your support for our Indigo Adopt a School story!  With our students reading over 2 million words in the first 3 weeks of school you know we LOVE reading and need a lot of books in our library.

Please visit Indigo Adopt a School Warburg School to read our story.

There are a couple of ways you can help.  Donate a book- by clicking on Donate a Book you can pay for the purchase of books, which is then matched by Indigo.   Read a story by one of our Warburg School members and make it your favourite.  Currently, we have one story written by Mrs. Mary Ann Cygan.  Thank you, Mrs. Cygan for sharing your story with us.  Voting for Mary Ann’s story is free and will help us attempt to be in the top 5 favourite stories in Alberta!  This will give us more $$ to spend at Indigo!