Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Leadership happens here!

Students from Warburg School presented the work they’ve done so far with the Leader In Me program at the Black Gold Regional Schools meeting April 5.
The students told the board the dynamic of the assemblies has changed where the students now run them, and they have added awards to include fine arts, academics and leadership alongside sports awards. They launched an app where the students can give shout outs to someone who’s made their day, keep up to date on school news and access Power School. They host Spirit Days on the first Wednesday of the month and have hosted events such as a Blackout Dance, a CFR day with a mechanical bull and a haunted house for Halloween. They’ve also used these events to fundraise for the food bank.
Most recently, they attended the Rethink Leadership Symposium and spoke with teachers from all over Alberta about getting students involved in the Leader In Me program at their schools.
The board commended the students for their initiative and including all grades within the school.



The Warburg Village Council also hosted our Student Council members, Keygan and Spencer, at the last Council meeting on April 10th to hear about the students’ implementation of The Leader in Me program.