Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Lunch Work Room for Junior/Senior High Students

We have recently implemented a lunch time work room for students. This is available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays in Mr Hodges room. Students that wish to receive extra help or have a quiet place to work on anything are welcome to be in the room.  Students will not be permitted to use their phones while in the room as this, like all classes, is a place for academic work and not a socializing space. Some students will be required by one or more of their teachers to be in the homework room for the duration of the lunch break. This would be students that have missing assignments, incomplete homework or are consistently late coming to school (especially after the lunch break).  Junior High students that do not attend the homework room when they are required to be there will miss an option class & will work on assignments under my supervision. Senior high students that do not show up when they are required to be here will be directed to my office during flex time to complete their assignments.  You will be contacted via email or text if your child makes a habit of missing time in the work room.  I appreciate you supporting our efforts to help your child achieve success at Warburg School. Please ensure your email or text contacts are up to date by calling the school office with any changes.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Mrs Maltais