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Notes from our School Resource Officer

Online and SmartPhone Safety

December 2019 – Impaired Driving


November 2019:

The focus this month will be on online and smartphone safety.

Here are five phone safety tip provided by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection;


  •  Take the time to learn about what features are included on the phone.
  • ¨Early on, set the expectation that you will monitor your teen’s use of their phone.
  • Explore the possibility of blocking access to sites (such as those with sexually explicit content) by using the settings on the device and/or parental control apps or by contacting the carrier/service provider.
  •  Set a time every evening at which all technology, including phones, are shut off in the house.
  • Discuss the importance of not responding to harassing, harmful or unsolicited calls or messages sent to them and to save these types of messages.



For further information on online and phone safety check out and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

For questions or Concerns please contact the Leduc County School Resource Officer:

Cst. YOUNG at 780-789-3951


It's the Law in Alberta:


Reminder to all parents and students.  Alberta’s Distracted Driving Law restricts the following;

As per the Traffic Safety Act Section 115.1 (1) and Section 115.4 (1)

  • Holding, viewing, or manipulating a cellular telephone/ hand-held electronic device
  • Reading or viewing printed material
  • Writing, printing or sketching
  • Personal grooming or hygiene

GPS may be used as long as the systems has been programmed prior to the individual operating the vehicle or is used in a voice-activated manner

The fine for Distracted driving in Alberta is of $287 and 3 demerits.

For further information, visit, Alberta Transportations Website (

Any Questions or concerns please contact the School Resource officer, Cst. YOUNG, at 780-789-3951.