Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

WS Students Surpass Hair Massacure Goal

When two boys decided to grow their hair and donate the locks to support the Hair Massacure 2015 they did so to help kids with cancer.  Having watched their classmate, Keegan, fight bravely through his cancer diagnosis into remission, Bruen Gidosh and Brayden Swartz decided to set a goal to raise $10000.00 for the Make-a-wish Foundation &  Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

With the help of their families, local businesses, residents and schoolmates the funds raised crept passed their first goal.  The goal was revised to $12000.  An assembly was held a few days before the Hair Massacure with special guest Chris Scheetz from CISN radio and a new challenge was raised- raise another $2000.  Mr. Bohnet staked his beard on it: meet this new goal and Mr. Bohnet was pinking his beard.  It did not take long for everyone to rally together for this new challenge.  Mr. Bohnet was pinking his beard by the next day!

In true Warburg School spirit the boys SMASHED their initial goal and the second goal!!  A whopping $15000.0o raised for the charities!

After attending the February 20th Hair Massacure event at West Edmonton Mall in the morning, Bruen and Brayden were back in class by afternoon.  Their shiny shaved heads were a badge of leadership in true 7 Habits style!

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