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Warburg School

Warburg School Celebrated Student Success on October 22nd


On Tuesday, October 22nd, Warburg School was buzzing with celebration as we recognized students academic achievement from the 2018-2019 school year.  Awards and Scholarships of more than $11,000 were presented with sponsorship from the following businesses and individuals listed below,  to whom we are very grateful for the support of our students:


To see the full list of student award recipients, please click on the program link:

WS 2019 Award Program


Our Student Wall of Fame 2019 inductee, Meghan Simpson, was present at our celebration to receive the honour of having her framed biography hung upon our Wall of Fame.  Meghan spoke to the Junior Senior High students about her flying career and a little about herself.  She said having a supportive family, friends and the determination to follow your dreams are all key points for success.