Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Warburg School Student Receives Community Youth Volunteer Award!

The community of Warburg held their annual Volunteer Appreciation celebration on Saturday, April 21st. Recognition was given to volunteers in many organizations and a few select awards were presented to volunteers who went ‘above and beyond’ for their organization or community.  Warburg School grade 11 student, Hayley Gruninger, was awarded the honour of being the 2018 Community Youth Volunteer of the Year.  The award was presented to Hayley by our school Principal, Mrs. Wendy Maltais, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Vicki Fritz.  While introducing Hayley as the award recipient Mrs. Maltais had the opportunity to mention the list of volunteer jobs that Hayley had performed in the community. Face Painting for Heritage Days “Party in the Park” and at the Fall Community Barbecue,  organizing the crafts for the Warburg Public Library Summer Reading Club, were just a few of the volunteer positions that Hayley has taken on.  We are very proud of her leadership in these volunteer positions while maintaining her high academic standing at school.  Keep up the great work, Hayley!

Mrs. Maltais and Mrs. Fritz present Hayley Gruninger with the 2018 Community Youth Volunteer of the Year award.