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Warburg School

“If I Can” with Chris Koch Inspires Students

Chris Koch visited Warburg School, and Warburg Colony School, on November 27th with his presentation of “If I Can..” to share with our Kindergarten to grade 12 students.  Chris was born with no arms and no legs. His message of “If I Can” intends to change the mindset of people who may see challenges in life as insurmountable. What is his job?  He is a farmer, who drives a tractor, rides a quad, and gives a good honest attempt at any type of work. He travels using his skateboard (which now proudly displays a Warburg School sticker!), and he smiles, a lot!  The older students found that his question of, “If I am not sad and depressed because being born with no arms and legs-why would you be sad and depressed with all that you have?” gave them a lot to think about as they move about their day.

Elementary classes had Chris sitting right in the crowd with them as they asked how he gets up and down the stairs, so he showed them how he CAN.  When students asked if everyone stares at him, Mr. Koch said yes, and it’s okay for people to ask why I look like this but to remember to ask politely and respectfully.

If Chris can thrive with positivity and love for life- you can,  too!

This inspiring Lethbridge-born man has an incredible attitude and we are so thankful that our students had the chance to meet him.

Visit his website If I can and watch his interviews.  You will be inspired, too!