Warburg School


Student Code of Conduct


Student Code of Conduct

A student shall conduct himself or herself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

  1. be diligent in pursuing the student’s studies;
  2. attend school regularly and punctually;
  3. co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education  programs and other services
  4. comply with the rules of the school
  5. account to the student’s teachers for the student’s conduct
  6. respect the rights of others

A student who is on Academic Probation will adhere and agree in a contract to the following:

  1.     I will be punctual for all classes with an allowance of three lates per month.
  2.     I will be in attendance for the entirety of all classes, with a 0 unexcused tolerance.

Students who are on Academic Probation must meet the code of conduct and these two stipulations.  If they do not meet these, the student will be removed from that course and will not be eligible to take it until the next time it is offered.  In most cases the following year.  Regular meetings will be held with the student while on Academic Probation to provide feedback on the students progress.


Expectations for Extra-Curricular Participation

The following are expectations for students to join and continue to participate in the activities:

  • Attend all classes on a regular basis
  • Be passing all classes
  • Provide exemplary behaviour both in school and during school sponsored activities such as extra-curricular
  • School fees and sport fees are paid in full

A student who does not meet these expectations will be warned and the student must meet the expectation within 2 weeks.  If the expectation is not met within that time the student will be removed from participating in that activity until the expectation is met.