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Inclement Weather or School Closure Procedures

Inclement Weather

At Black Gold safety is our top priority. When the temperatures dip lower than -40 (with or without windchill) our concern is that a bus may break down with students on board and there may still be students waiting outside for a bus.

If buses are cancelled or running late, you will receive a voice notification prior to 6:30 am or as soon as possible.  The phone number used is the one you have added to your child’s PowerSchool account. The notification will also be posted on our website banner at www.blackgold.ca – please click on the Bus Status App icon. 

There is a free app to be downloaded so that when there is a change in status of a bus, a push notification will go to the device that the app is on. What is next is making the buses relevant to you as a favorite.  When we change the status of a bus, push notifications will go to those who have made that specific bus a favorite. 

Please note that the Black Gold School Division no longer advertises on television or radio as our message is specific to that bus route and that student. Schools always remain open for those that walk or are transported to the school.  If your child will not be in attendance, please let the school know as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that when temperatures are cold, regardless of your child’s age, you need to be at the bus stop with your child for safety reasons. Your child needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.

Schools are always open unless there is a specific school related emergency like a water main break.

Information regarding transportation delays, cancellations, or in the rare event, a school closure, will be posted as soon as the decision is made. Bus cancellations will be for the full day.

Parents make the final decision.

During inclement weather, the final decision to send a child to the bus stop or to school rests with parents, even though buses and schools may be operational. Parents are responsible for checking the status of transportation delays or cancellations. Should you drive your child to school when bus service is cancelled, it is your responsibility to pick the child up from school at dismissal time. Parents are to notify the school if their child will not be attending school due to inclement weather.

For information on Inclement Weather Procedures for Transportation

If there is an emergency, such as a water main break,  you will be contacted via School Messenger (either your email or phone information you provided at time of registration), watch this website or the BGSD website (blackgold.ca)or call the Community Hotline at 780-979-0980.

Air Quality Health

When the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) value reaches 6 or greater, all strenuous outdoor activities are to be cancelled. When the AQHI value reaches 7 or greater students are to be kept indoors with windows closed and HVAC systems running to ensure clean, filtered air.