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Junior - Senior High Academic Awards 2019-2020

Thank you to our sponsors for their support of our student awards.  A total of $11,230.00 was awarded to students for their efforts in academics, citizenship, and school community spirit.

We are very proud to announce our 2019 – 2020 grades 7-12 award recipients:

Although not available for photos the following students were awarded as follows:   Green Certificate Award- Abby Cygan.  Grade 12 Honours – Elora Cousins, Lauren Jehn.  Grade 12 Honourable Mention – Anna Palmer, Ethan Hagel, Isaac Swartz, Amber Wurban.

2020 Academic Award Program

Carter Brackley received the Governor-General Award, BGSD Scholarship for Highest Average in Grade 12, Brent Ruff Memorial scholarship and the Mike Gidosh Scholarship. He achieved Grade 12 Honours with Distinction.
Hailee Babcook was awarded half of the Terry Proskurniak Scholarship and Sinopec Daylight Energy Scholarship. She also achieved Grade 12 Honours with Distinction and the second highest average (Proficiency Award)
Tucker Bentley was awarded half of the Terry Proskurniak Scholarship and Sinopec Daylight Energy Scholarship. Warburg Pioneer Ag Society Award and achieved Grade 12 Honourable Mention.
Tanda Garrett was awarded the Parent Council Citizenship Award, Student Council Award and the Warburg Award for Effort, Pride and Attitude.
Grade 11: Highest Average – Matt Gruninger Second Highest Average – Patrick Kelly Honours with Distinction – Matt Gruninger, Noah Hodges, Patrick Kelly Honours – Joseph Drysdale, Amanda Harakal, Madison Macneil Honourable Mention – Bruen Gidosh, Destiny Noble, Brayden Swartz
Grade 10: Highest Average – Daniel Hunter Second Highest Average – Tyler Kelto Honours with Distinction – Nathan Akins, Sawyer Bentley, Daniel Hunter, Tyler Kelto, Carmen Mueller, Rylee Richels Honours – Ayrwyn Cousins, Courtney Cygan, Vanessa Haggart, Jaycee Jamont, Adam Plouffe Honourable Mention – Tyler Forster, Matt Grubenmann, Makayla Klatt Senior High Options Award – Tyler Kelto
Grade 9: Highest Average – Mackenzie Dancause Second Highest Average – Makayla Dancause Honours with Distinction – Mackenzie and Makayla Dancause Honours – Taylor Bentley, Caden Cygan, Rory Gidosh, Courtney Miller, Emi Swartz, Hayden Swartz Honourable Mention – Kyla Cygan, Kody Dutchak, Shayla Reesik Junior High Option Awards – Ty Lange, Mackenzie Dancause, Makayla Dancause, Hayden Swartz, Courtney Miller, Emi Swartz, Bryton Tollenaar








Grade 8: Highest Average – Hayley Johnson, Ashley Kelto Second Highest Average – Mya MacPherson Honours with Distinction – Hayley Johnson, Ashley Kelto Honours – Mya MacPherson Honourable Mention – Jenna Lawrence, Rogan Richels, Calleigh Swartz Junior High Options Award – Hayley Johnson, Ashley Kelto, Hannah Lange Parent Council Citizenship Award – Hannah Lange
Grade 7: Highest Average – Desirae LeGrow Second Highest Average – Lincoln Gidosh Honours – Freya Abrams, Lincoln Gidosh, Desirae LeGrow, Kaydence Parkyn Honourable Mention – Aiden Dobie, Ryker Fast, Josh Kelln



The Terry Proskurniak Scholarship is for Warburg School students who meet the following criteria:


The Albert & Maria Rimer Memorial Scholarship is for Warburg School Students who meet the following criteria:


 The George L. Saubak Memorial Scholarships for graduates of Warburg, Thorsby or Calmar schools:  


For a list of scholarships, please click on the below link:


Alexander Rutherford Scholarship information: