Black Gold School Division
Warburg School

Complimentary Courses

Elevate Aviation


Our partnership with Elevate Aviation takes flight in 2019!  Interested High School students have the opportunity to explore careers in Aviation at Edmonton Airports.  Over a few weeks students will spend 5 days immersed in the the behind-the-scenes action at the airport.  One of many valuable partnerships that the Black Gold Regional School Division has developed to help our students explore their talents and interests!  Please contact Mrs. Hodges for information on the Elevate Aviation program.


Registered Apprenticeship Program (R.A.P.)

R.A.P. information

Please see Mrs. Maltais if you are interested in R.A.P.  This is offered to students in Senior High only.

Accelerated Reading Program

Our School participates in the Accelerated Reading program from Renaissance Learning Inc.  With this program students are assessed throughout the year for reading, comprehension and vocabulary.  In our library collection of 16,000 books,  almost 12,000 have A.R. quizzes for students to test their understanding of the book they have read.  In the 2018-2019 school year our students read over 73 million words!

We hope our students will have a lifelong love of reading and encourage them to read every day!



CTS Options 2018 - 2019*

  • Welding -Senior High option.
  • Food Studies
  • Industrial Arts – Construction-Senior High Option
  • Drama 10/20/30
  • Art 10/20/30,
  • Outdoor Education
  • Communication Technology – Digital Media
  • Work Experience
  • Leadership

*Contact Mrs. Maltais or Mrs. Hodges for confirmation of Option Course availability.

Elementary Super Options 2018-2019*


  • Cheer
  • Cooking
  • Hockey Academy
  • Film Studies
  • Active Games

*Contact Mrs. Maltais or Mrs. Fritz for confirmation of Super Option choices.

All of our elementary students partake in Music classes twice a week.  Mrs. MacGregor teaches Kindergarten, Grade 2 and Grade 3, and Mrs. Babcook teaches Grade 1, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6.  Various classes are selected to perform at monthly assembly and we have special event performances for occasions such as Remembrance Day and Christmas Concert.



High School Foods Option

Our Warburg School “Student Wall of Fame” alum, Corbin Tomaszeski (WS Grad 1990), came to speak to our students about following your passion in life.  Chef Corbin, as he is known to his HGTV and FoodNetwork fans, held an “iron chef” type competition with our students.  The students had to create the best French Omelet in a 20 minute timeframe.

We are privileged to have these awesome opportunities to have our former students visit to offer wisdom to our current students.



Dessert Pizza!



Senior High Foods learn the fine art of canning pickles and jam!

Art Program Projects


 Senior High Art Students created original acrylic painted artistic tables for our Library Learning Commons.

Award Winning Art Projects:

Art Show winners 6aae3276-58a1-4963-b569-6ede41f93453 e85a66d5-e6b9-430f-9ca8-828ab6e2804e 83748a04-1517-4679-b935-08e4254dd182 670d16e5-bf36-4a03-85a3-4371cbdb89f3

Senior High Art Projects:

Senior High Art 30 IMG_0070

IMG_0067 643dba11-df9f-40ec-925b-aede5a63b2fd


Junior High Art Projects:

Packing Tape Sculptures were an interesting focal point as people entered our school foyer and library areas.


IMG_0443IMG_0446  artwork sculptures Junior Art Project 2015-3






Senior High Drama Presentation of "Oz", along with "A Monologue Extravaganza!"