Warburg School



Welcome to Kindergarten at Warburg School

Your registering your new student in Kindergarten 2022-23 school year.  This is an exciting step for a child and parents alike!  Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten:

How Do I Register?

Black Gold Regional Schools has made it very easy for parents to register your new student online. All the information you need is on blackgold.ca 

When are Kindergarten Days: 

Currently we have Tuesday and Thursday FULL days (8:25 a.m. – 3:06 p.m.) adding one to two Wednesdays per month beginning in October.

Do Kindergarten students start on the first day with the other students?

Kindergarten usually begins with a staggered entry program.  On their first day, students attend a half day in a small group setting.  This allows them to explore the classroom and get to know the teachers in a smaller group.

How do I know when the “staggered entry” will be for my child? 

The Kindergarten teacher will make contact with you in August to let you know what day and what your child will need to bring to school. After you have registered for Kindergarten we will have your contact information-don’t worry, enjoy your Summer-we will be contacting you!

Who will be the teacher? 

Our kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Michelle Gidosh.  michelle.gidosh@blackgold.ca

Mrs. Gidosh has a Kindergarten website that you can view here.

What can we expect our children to learn in Kindergarten? 

You can expect a developmental appropriate practice in our kindergarten class.  Children will increase their skills in four areas through play-based development:  cognitive, physical, socio-emotional and language.  Through play based learning children develop a strong foundation for current and future learning.